About us and our Mission

Mission Statement

We look for awesome delicious recipes for you to try.  Our objective is to provide our visitors an array of recipes that can be used for your family dinner, office parties, great ideas for your holiday seasons, and the occasional dinner for that special someone very dear to your heart.

I also want to acknowledge the great authors of the amazing recipes we’ve selected and shared, I will always refer my visitors to the original site for the full recipe, so that they also enjoy the additional exposure and traffic their splendid recipes have generated.

Awesome Home Recipes thanks you all.

About Us

How did I attend the University of Colorado, play in the NFL and in end up with a recipe site?  I had been involved with youth sports all my life.  Following a divorce and after my children had graduated from college, I opened up my home to three young men that were in trouble with the law, these young men were in a rehab  program where they had classes from 8am to 5pm, 5 days a week.  I had to cook for them; I only knew a few dishes to cook so I began to look for good recipes to try.   My friends’ share recipes with me and referred me to Pinterest: A great source for anything you want to cook with options.

I am a father that really enjoyed raising my family when I look back it is like I had three childhoods: the first was my own.  The second includes my oldest son and daughter, the bike racing and little league baseball, basketball, gymnastics, ice skating and skiing.  Ten years later I had four more boys and it started all over again that was my third childhood and I truly enjoyed raising my children.  I say to anyone that reads this “when you invest time in your children it pays big time dividends.”

John Tarver’s Resume

I, John Tarver, have been extremely successful in all of my past endeavors.  I spent 4 years in the NFL as a fullback for the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.  After leaving the NFL I started my professional selling career with Ciba Pharmaceutical Company where I called on physicians and medical Clinics in Oregon and Washington.  Then as the Director of Golden State Schools, I managed all operations developed and implemented polices in all departments of the organization, as well as administering the $4,000,000.00 budget and coordinating expenditures. My last endeavor before retiring was with Byrd Financial group where I specialized in working with small businesses, professional corporations, and individuals involved with professional sports.  Now as a retiree I have stumbled upon a new found love, the art of cooking.