Chocolate Mint Cake: A Cool Cake for Choco-Mint Lovers

My mother is an adventurous cook and loves experimenting with flavors. But when it comes to chocolate, there are only two kinds in her book: milk chocolate and dark chocolate. So, growing up, I wasn’t exposed to anything else. When I was in high school, though, a friend introduced me to the chocolate-mint flavor combination. I fell hard at first bite and am still in love decades later. I can get crazy over anything that has chocolate and mint in it. And when I found this recipe for chocolate mint cake, you can guess how eager I was to make it.

This cake is fantastic beyond words. It’s a layered chocolate cake with mint-buttercream frosting and topped with chocolate ganache. I can’t write about this cake without drooling and dreaming of the next time I get to enjoy a slice (or three). If you love the chocolate-mint flavor combination, this is a cake that you must try.

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