Crockpot Beef Tortellini Soup: The Perfect Soup for Soup-Hating Carnivores

My husband is not a fan of soup. I found that out the hard way when we first married. I, a lover of soups, once made ramen from scratch for dinner. My husband took the tiniest of sips, turned his nose up, and pushed his bowl away. Soup is not a proper meal for a red-blooded, meat-eating male, he said. I must feed him meat.


Apparently, his idea of soup was a bowl of broth with very little meat in it. I proved him wrong later on when I served him a thick bowl of soup with chunky cubes of meat. That made him extremely happy. Such soups became a staple at our home, and one soup we’ve come to love in particular is this crockpot beef tortellini soup. It’s just the kind of soup that carnivores who hate soup will fall in love with. If you have one such person in your family, have them check out this soup.

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Author: Anna Sibal-Gonzaga

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